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Introducing the first laptop built for music. With help from Dr Dre, HP built a line of computers with Beats Audio technology so you can hear the music the way the artist intended. Watch the video & hear what you've been missing.Learn more about Beats Audio, a revolutionary sound system available only on HP computers. Beats Audio is bringing studio-quality sound to the notebook & letting you hear every note the way the artists intended.\
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1er single du premier album de boondox\
Boondox-Pray With The Snakes
Anger threatens to steal me away My soul burns with fire, my sanity straysMy heart beats faster, one single beatMy face reddens sudden from the intense heatAnger came quicklyAs quickly as can beMy thoughts think the worst just wanting to be freeIt came so fast I can hardly rememberWhile my heart beats with rage and a sole burning emberAnger fell upon me and tore me apartMy brain fries from the burn, from the hurt, from the startI begin to wonder how much I can endureAs I ball up my hands struggling to gain composureThe storm swells up inside me and wears down everything like erosionI know soon it will blowLike a time bomb explosionA giant volcano, about to blow upThe lava spilling over, ready to eruptAnger reaches over to a boiling temperatureThese feelings all too childish, irresponsible, immatureAnger threatens to take me away, my eyes now to blindEverything seems red to me, the tint not all too kindAnger spills out over, through every open spaceGiving another memory, that never I can eraseLeslie Rodriguezhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/anger-121/
Leslie Rodriguez - Anger
As I awoke one morning, a bright summers day amidst glimmer of sunshine peeped underline the windows opening my driveway. The scent in the air brings The roses in full swing Carried within its wings your unspoken word’s zing. Come to my heart and be with me On the silk of my hair, A fragrance left there Like the musk of the deer In heat when you're near Stands implanted Knitted and sewed in strands of gold Thy name, etched with blood of my soul Then come to my heart and be with me Can I speak of parting verses? Then ask, as much, of me to do Words don’t part, but my lips rehearse Sealed with kisses From your cherried lips dismisses No winters last forever No storms blow forever Then I revel in the rhythm of the Beats of your heart. O come then, come to my heart and be with me Tore indeed the veil of your heart to see, my name inscribed in art Then why do you start Counting my kisses on the face of another’s fine chart? Is it just to see me reeling with sadness revealing truths like holy scripts madness. then silence makes sweet the presence depart. O just come to my heart and be with meAnjali06-12-2009ANJALI SINHAhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/be-with-me-10/
Every passion has a beat. Grammy Award-winning artist Alicia Keys's passion is music. See how Alicia brings her passion to life with Beats Audio for HP. Alicia Keys has teamed up with HP Beats Audio so everyone can finally hear her, just the way she intended.\
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Introducing the first laptop built for music. With help from Dr Dre, HP built a line of computers with Beats Audio technology so you can hear the music the way the artist intended. Watch the video & hear what you've been missing.Learn more about Beats Audio, a revolutionary sound system available only on HP computers. Beats Audio is bringing studio-quality sound to the notebook & letting you hear every note the way the artists intended.\
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The Rose of Magdala**ENY**http://www.myspace.com/chantalduros *English Translation: Praying on the ground, hands on your knees You invokes Heavens and Being rejoined them Your eyes are still full ofpicturesof Anointed The One who loved you and you called HusbandMary of Magdala with mysterious smile You has known fear, thirst and sadness But your burning heart has never ceased To believe in his Love impressed in your fleshWho can guess the links uniting you To the great Carpenter running his ways Who can onceunderstand of Union the magic Of two souls coming to testify DivineSo great was your pain and cruel were the nails To your loving look focused on this Cross You’re bearing scars as the Beloved And your hands were joined ina final adieuDark days of death, nights filled by sorrowAnd, as a golden beam, at last came the morning The promise carved in your tore heart Is revealed face to the rolled stone\
The Rose of Magdala
Introducing the first laptop built for music. With help from Dr Dre, HP built a line of computers with Beats Audio technology so you can hear the music the way the artist intended. Watch the video & hear what you've been missing.\
HP Beats Audio by Dr Dre \
GIVE ME THE FEAR Release date: 26th September 2005 Label: Escapi AND MAJOR UK TOUR \
TOKYO DRAGONS - 14\/07\/2007 Villarcayo, MORCILLA ROCK FEST -
Introducing the first laptop built for music. With help from Dr Dre, HP built a line of computers with Beats Audio technology so you can hear the music the way the artist intended. Watch the video & hear what you've been missing.Learn more about Beats Audio, a revolutionary sound system available only on HP computers. Beats Audio is bringing studio-quality sound to the notebook & letting you hear every note the way the artists intended.\
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L'Academy des Movie Arts Sciences Cine Prix filmbay Hvor ofte
Film : Agnee 2 Song: Tore Khuji Starring : Mahi & Om Directed by : Iftakar Chowdhury Produced and Distributed by- Jaaz Multimedia Singer : Akassh Lyrics : Akassh, Tuhin & Rajdeep Music Director : ‎Akassh Online Distribution : Qinetic MusicClick to share on Facebook - http://bit.ly/ToreKhujiOfficial facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/jaazmultimediafilmYouTube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/jaazmultimediafilmOfficial Twitter : https://twitter.com/jaaz_multimediaGoogle+ : https://plus.google.com/+jaazmultimediafilmOfficial website : http://www.jaaz-multimedia.com
Tore Khunji | Mahiya Mahi | Om | Akassh | Agnee 2 Bengali Film 2015
Film : Agnee 2Song: Tore KhujiStarring : Mahi & OmDirected by : Iftakar ChowdhuryProduced and Distributed by - Jaaz MultimediaSinger : AkasshLyrics : Akassh, Tuhin & RajdeepMusic Director : ‎AkasshOnline Distribution : Qinetic Music
Tore Khunji | Film | Agnee 2 | Mahiya Mahi | Om।ᴴᴰ
*Song - দেশ ও দূর্নীতি/ Desh O Durniti*Album - (desh project vol 1) NEEL NOKSHA.*Lyrics & Tune - Towfique & Faisal Roddy.* Rhythm & Keys - Shawan & JDOC Beats.*Guiter,mixing ,mastering - Gareth Redfran.*Hi Street Studio Record, East Acton, England.-----------------------------------------------------------Jani amar ei gaan bojhabe tomae maneDekhbe tumi sottopran khepa-gaane khela kore. [Hook/ Chorus]Oi j imarot dekho, Oi j bishal ottalika!...paper fosole rongin sotto bikri omanisha!Orthe sodeshi bank upche poreBideshe pari jomae sopner baosr gore.Keu ba dukre more, nijer kobor khore-Mrittuta onibarjo jane tobu miche borai kore,Bibektato ondhokare britha hatre moreSotto pothta khuji keu ki bolte pare?Purche dalan - morche manush,Ek turite fanush, peter jala kotota bishaktoOi shoshokera januk !!Ekta baroki kapena tomar buk?Tomar sukher upor sukhR odike khudhito sishumikh !Sunechi Miir Jaforer naki kapeni hatHingsro jollader torobarir shanito achLojjata porote porete itihase lekha thak !dha te-re-ke-te-tak , Durniti nipat jak !!Pothokoli jake boli soddo fota koliFoteni kuri okale jhore pore esho chokhta meli,Jam e atke , hotat thomke, apa ekta mala kinben..Astakure nibash tar Bah !! apnito besh achen !!Sothik jotno payni chara shopno vengeche bar bar...Madoker jale aboddho ostro hate aj tarShopno- dushpno puji kore rujir rasta ondhokarRajar nitir thabae charkhar poth nei palabar..Jela hote , gram theke uthe asa medhaRaje Rajdhanir Rajpoth suni nesai naki pesa !Hall dokhol -- chadabaji -- tenderbajir utpat !Dosshu rajnoitik neta korte hobe uthkhat !Rokkhok jokhon Vokkhok tokhon beche thaka dae !Okkhom ami khomotar lorae dane jabo na bae?Thore thore dhuloe file te chapa pore thak-Dh-te-re-ke-te-tak, Durniti nipat jak !!Ki bolbo ovishap? Purbo jonmer pap?Provu dhikkar !! thalata vikkhar !! vangoneri dhap !!Keno nei, keno keui, keno bai, proshno tai --Ami bivranto ; obimishro voe j pai !Ghormakto sorir matha vora bojha --Durnitir vut namabo deke ano aj ojha.Iter pore it majhe manush r kit thak !!Dealete chika durniti nipat jak !JA DEKHO NOSTO, SOTRUR LOKKHO VROSHTO...DOKKHINBONGO , AYINVONGO !!
Desh O Durniti -Towfique & Faisal Roddy (Rajotto)
► Download audio: http://blrrm.tv/br-app ► More here: http://blrrm.tv/bodzinb2bromboy ► Teutonic tag-team Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy tore it down for two hours at our São Paulo broadcast with Skol Beats.
Stephan Bodzin B2B Marc Romboy Skol Beats x Boiler Room Sao Paulo DJ Set
→ FOR AUDIO: *http://bit.ly/1sXkwl4* → SUBSCRIBE TO BOILER ROOM: *http://bit.ly/1bkrHWL*The teutonic tag-team tore it down for two hours at our last broadcast from Sao Paolo with Skol Beats...→ FOLLOW US HERE FOR MORE FUN: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boilerroom.tv Twitter: https://twitter.com/boilerroomtv Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/platform
Stephan Bodzin B2B Marc Romboy Skol Beats x Boiler Room Sao Paulo
Follow Hospital Records on Spotify: https://HospitalRecords.lnk.to/Spotifyyc Camo & Krooked - All Night - Stream on Spotify here: http://hospi.tl/camokrookedallnight Buy \
Camo & Krooked - All Night - Official Video
Introducing the first laptop built for music. With help from Dr Dre, HP built a line of computers with Beats Audio technology so you can hear the music the way the artist intended. Watch the video & hear what you've been missing.\
HP Envy 13 Beats Audio Series \
Introducing the first laptop built for music. With help from Dr Dre, HP built a line of computers with Beats Audio technology so you can hear the music the way the artist intended. Watch the video & hear what you've been missing.\
HP Envy 15 Beats Audio Series \
Liking and sharing really helps out ^.^ Business stuff: vicktabiz@gmail.com League Chatroom: Vickta More Vickta: twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/vickta twitter: https://twitter.com/VicktaAnne facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicktapage store: http://vickta.storenvy.com/ Play League! http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=50f21b7964887630908080 The Song is Shiny Spaceship by 8 bit ninjasRanked in the preseason faq: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/find-out-about-ranked-play-preseasonSeason 4 World Championships in South Korea: http://na.lolesports.com/articles/2014-world-championship-heads-south-koreaPatch coming next week: http://forums.oce.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=285624#post285624Baron visual update: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=42934929#post42934929Featured gameplay modes: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/early-look-featured-gameplay-modes?ref=rss&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Maokai lore\
League of Legends News 11\/14 ~ Map Visual Updates, Season 4 and preseason, New Gameplay Modes
Four people — including a 2-year-old boy — were killed when apparent tornadoes touched down Wednesday in Virginia as a storm system that has killed at least four other people barreled toward the East Coast.Virginia State Police said the boy and two men, ages 50 and 26, were killed when a reported funnel cloud hit the town of Waverly, 40 miles southeast of Richmond, at about 2:40 p.m. Their names weren't made available.At about 10:30 p.m., state police said the body of a man who'd been missing since a funnel cloud destroyed his home was found in the Evergreen community of Appomattox County. The funnel cloud cut an 8- to 10-mile path of destruction through the area injuring seven other people, two of them seriously, state police said.The storm system was also blamed for a death in Darlington County, South Carolina, where a tree fell on Michael James Sr., the county coroner told NBC News. A funnel cloud was spotted Wednesday in Appomattox, Virginia.Hannah Peters The severe weather is part of the same system that spawned about 30 tornadoes Tuesday, the National Weather Service said. The twisters tore through the South, killing three people Tuesday. By early Wednesday evening, more than 220,000 customers were still without power from Louisiana to Florida north to Virginia.Crews were working to rescue several people trapped in storm wreckage Wednesday night in Tappahannock, Virginia, 40 miles southwest of Richmond, NBC station WWBT reported. State police said more than 20 people were being treated at Riverside Tappahannock Hospital.While tornado watches were in effect across parts of Florida and Georgia overnight, damaging high winds were possible all the way from the Gulf Coast up to parts of the Northeast.On of Tuesday's twisters smashed into an apartment complex in Pensacola, Florida, about 8:15 p.m. ET.\
[Newsa] Four People Killed as Apparent Tornadoes Strike Virginia
Severe weather raked across a broad swath of the United States for a third day in a row.Tornadoes tore through towns as far north as Pennsylvania, while heavy snow canceled hundreds of flights in the Midwest. Power outages left tens of thousands of residents from the Carolinas to New England in the dark. On Wednesday, the storms claimed at least a half-dozen lives, three of them in the tiny town of Waverly, Virginia. According to Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller, a 2-year-old child and two men, ages 50 and 26, were killed during the storm. Their bodies were found about 300 yards from their mobile home. And state police said In Appomattox County, a tornado left an 8- to 10-mile path of destruction, injuring seven people and killing a 78-year-old man.
Weather Pummeling Continues Across East Coast And Midwest

BALCONYTV.COM Subscribe to us Youtube - http://bit.ly/subscribetoBalconyTV 'Like' us on Facebook - http://Facebook.com/BalconyTV 'Follow' us on Twitter - http://Twitter.com/BalconyTVFIRE & WHISTLE THEORY - MR. POTENTIAL PRESENTED BY RACHI RAY Imagine hot sex coming to your ears through the waves of music, melting your eardrums with driving drum beats, humming rhythm guitar, ripping lead riffs, warm caressing bass guitar and vocals like thick syrup on your Sunday morning flapjacks.Well if you can picture that you have us...Being a recently formed band with varying ages and backgrounds we draw a pretty big pool of inspiration for our music. This really helps make us something our fans have found both catchy and easy to listen to in almost any mood. This variation in our musical inspiration has also been a killer help to broadening our audience. Our following literally spans generations without the loss of a modern vibe and we really just dig this fact.If you think our recordings are any good wait to you hear us live cause this is where we damn well shine. We love nothing more than getting a chance to get our fans feet moving or even better to just get new fans.So if you like what you hear drop by our Facebook or triple J Unearthed profile and let us know what you want to hear more of and we can tell you where you can see us next...http://www.triplejunearthed.com/FireandWhistleTheoryCREDITS / SPONSORS Brought to you By The Seclusion Room 129 Robertson St Fortitude valley Tune in again to BalconyTV //
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