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<p>A state of emergency was declared in Tonga ahead of Cyclone Gita, which was forecast</a> to reach Category Five by around 7 pm local time.</p><p>As parts of the country experienced power outages</a>, Tonga’s police urged</a> people to stay indoors.</p><p>Winds were forecast</a> to reach between 220 and 230 km/h.</p><p>Reports</a> said this would make the cyclone the strongest ever to hit Tonga.</p><p>These videos show winds picking up through the evening of February 12. Credit: VDakaSini via Storyful</p>
Trees Sway in Tonga as Winds Pick Up With Approach of Cyclone
Download PDF/Read Online Book: ***Limited Winter Sale! Stock up on Two Hoots coloring books for that cozy day indoors! Usually $5.99.***48 unique coloring pages featuring mandalas, geometric shapes and other unique de ... <br><br>Download/Read online here: http://freepdf.club/book?s1=hsn&s2=pdf-adiq
Download PDF Adult Coloring Book: Designs FREE
Watch a our stop motion build of the 528 pcs LEGO® CREATOR Lighthouse Point 31051. Whats nice about the latest lighthouse is that it has modular approach where one can move parts of the structure to form other lighthouse points (featured on box) weve demo how this works in our video. \<br>\<br>We also cover a quick visual side-by-side comparison between the new Creator Lighthouse island 5770 and this years lighthouse 31051, we get 2 minifigures instead of 1 and instead of a boat we get an Orca /whale.nice to see animals featured in more sets these days.\<br>\<br>Here are the jumps:\<br>@0:14 Box Art with modular functionality highlight \<br>@0:30 All-in-one Instructions Manual\<br>@0:40 Unnumbered Bags\<br>@0:45 Stop-motion build - Orca Whale\<br>@1:19 Stop-motion build- light keepers cottage\<br>@4:00 Stop-motion build - Lighthouse\<br>@6:14 Minifigures\<br>@6:45 Easy-Rebuild Modular Demo\<br>@7:39 Lighthouse Point 31051 Vs Lighthouse Island 5770 \<br>\<br>LEGO CREATOR Lighthouse Point 31051 is available here.\<br>LEGO Online for USD$59.99 : \<br>Amazon: \<br>\<br>Official Description\<br>Spend a weekend at the cozy 3-in-1 lighthouse, with light brick, 2 minifigures, buildable orca and seagulls. Rebuilds into a house with pier and speedboat or a boathouse.\<br>\<br>Meet the wildlife at the brightly lit Lighthouse Point!\<br>\<br>Enjoy seashore adventures with this amazing 3-in-1 LEGO® Creator set, featuring a cozy lighthouse and lightkeepers cottage with a detailed interior, including a table, chair, lamp and a painting. Climb up to the gallery for a birds-eye view and turn on the lighthouse beacon to guide passing ships. Then enjoy a delicious drink at the lightkeepers cottage, where you can see the friendly orca go by, before a pleasant evening sat around the open fire while the waves lap on the seashore. When youfeel like a change, simply move the modular sections to remodel the set or rebuild it to create a house with pier and speedboat, or a boathouse.
LEGO 31051 Lighthouse Point Stop Motion Build
Download PDF/Read Online Book: ***Limited Winter Sale! Stock up on Two Hoots coloring books for that cozy day indoors! Usually $5.99.***48 unique coloring pages featuring mandalas, geometric shapes and other unique de ... <br><br>Download/Read online here: http://freepdf.club/book?id=0692591079&l=com&s1=0&s2=dm
Download PDF Adult Coloring Book: Designs FREE
Buy from Amazon.com : https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B014H3VXOW?tag=thatcatblog-20 Pink Papaya Snug Me SupersoftQueensize overthrow blanket708 x 826 incredibly softProduct Description :Cozy incredibly soft blanket - 708 x 826 180 x 210 cm It feels just like cashmere Perfect for a relaxed evening on the couch or in front of the fireplace High-quality 280gm microfleece Anti-pilling on both sides
Pink Papaya Snug Me SupersoftQueensize overthrow blanket708 x 826 incredibly soft
<p>A group of paddleboarders got a surprise visit from a friendly whale in La Jolla on Super Bowl Sunday, and California resident Scott Yoffe captured video of the encounter.</p><p>Yoffe told Storyful he decided to go out paddleboarding after recently leaving his job as an assistant director of public relations for the San Diego Chargers</a>\
Paddleboarders Get Surprise Visit from Friendly Whale in La Jolla
Want to Relax, Refresh, Revive? Every Summer has a story with One for the adults and one for the kids, here are 24 Fabulous Summer Ideas to help!\<br>\<br>Subscribe to Talltanic \<br>\<br>15 - For inside or outside… \<br>If youre taking a nice long summer vacation, this idea works twice for you. First of all, paint some big cardboard boxes up into nice little cars for the kids, and then secondly, play a them aoutside and let them enjoy their popcorn and candy floss in a kiddie version of a drive-in.\<br>\<br>\<br>\<br>\<br>14 - Supersize Me…\<br>Jenga is a great and exciting game to play, but its time to banish the indoors and bring it outside in a bigger, more exciting size. If youre a keen woodworker, this should be a piece of cake for you to pull together, and it will also make a great gift for the fellow gamer in your life. \<br> \<br>13 - Target price… \<br>Fill them with water, fill them with air… whatever works for you, will work for this great game of backyard balloon pop!\<br>\<br>\<br>\<br>\<br>12 - Your move…\<br>This is not something you can put together in a hurry, but if you and your family love chess, this is a great long term goal. There are obviously easier ways to pull this off, but the grass and the pavers just looks brilliant. \<br> \<br>11 - Lets head to the s… \<br>Why not grab those earlier cars you created with the cardboard boxes, and bring to the yard and show aon this projector that you can easily assemble. This screen needs PVC pipes and a white king size flat sheet, follow some online instructions and enjoy being the hero of your family. \<br> \<br>10 - Taking it to the next level… \<br>So, your kids love drawing with chalk? Why not take it to the next level by making them chalk board spray? The ingredients are tempera paint, some hot water, a little dishwashing soap and cornstarch. Mix it in individual spray bottles, and let your imagination run wild.\<br>\<br>\<br>\<br>\<br>9 - Target price… \<br>A wooden board, golf tees, ping pong balls and water guns – put them all together, and you amuse yourself for hours on end. \<br> \<br>8 - Wet wet wet… \<br>This is an inexpensive game to play with the neighborhood kids. Pass the Water is super easy, using some cups, make the kids stand in a line and pass the water by throwing it backwards, and its up to the person on the receiving end to catch it all, to avoid getting totally soaked! \<br> \<br>7 - Squeaky clean….\<br>This is a fabulous idea for a cheap backyard shower. No need to go and pay a plumber to do some heavy installations, just use an empty 2-liter container, poke some holes in it and attach it to a hose pipe. Switch the water on, and youre all set. \<br> \<br>6 - Treasure Hunt…\<br>Keen to keep the kids occupied for a long whilst? Freeze some plastic toys inside a gigantic ice cube, and enjoy the pleasure of a long, much needed break from the whining and bickering. \<br> \<br>5 - Relax, Refresh, Revive… \<br>What better way to enjoy a lazy summer afternoon, than chilling on one of these intriguing garden chairs. Designed to look like a giant crisp and designed by Gisbert Baarmann - these awesome chairs are best for rocking and sitting, and offer protection from the sun. \<br> \<br>4 - Every Summer has a story…\<br>So, what will yours be? Make some magical memories with this very simple canopy. Line some string between two trees, and simply place a sheet over the line. Pack some food, climb inside and relax! \<br> \<br>3 - One for the adults….\<br>Picnics are generally geared towards the kids, arent they? But hows this for glamming it? Bring out some rugs, or cushions – a low table, a wonderful assortment of finger snacks and wine, include a few solar lanterns and youre bound to have an evening you wont forget.\<br>\<br>\<br>\<br>\<br>2 - A little time… \<br>Have you ever wanted a secret place in your garden, thats especially there just for you? If you have some time, then plant a sunflower ring and hide out in there with your favourite book in the summer time.\<br>\<br>\<br>\<br>\<br>1 - The ultimate winner…\<br>Ask any kid, and theyll agree – a zipline in your own garden is an absolute winner. Just head down to your local hardware store for everything youll need, and within a couple of hours you kids will be having the time of their lives!
24 Fabulous Summer Ideas
Bedtime Stories for Children () | Best Children Classics HD\<br>Subscribe! / Play all Stories : \<br>Download ann play colorings : \<br>YouTube channel : \<br>\<br>There were five peas in one pod; the peas were green and the pod was green, and so they believed that the whole world was green-and that was absolutely right! The pod grew and the peas grew; they adjusted themselves to their surroundings, sitting straight in a row. The sun shone outside and warmed the pod; the rain made it clear and clean. It was nice and cozy inside, bright in the daytime and dark at night, just as it should be; and the peas became larger, and more and more thoughtful, as they sat there, for surely there was something they must do.\<br>\<br>Shall I always remain sitting here? said one. If only I dont become hard from sitting so long. It seems to me there must be something outside; I have a feeling about it.\<br>\<br>And weeks went by; the peas became yellow, and the pod became yellow. The whole worlds becoming yellow, they said, and that they had a right to say.\<br>\<br>Then they felt a jerk at the pod. It was torn off, came into human hands, and then was put down into the pocket of a jacket, along with other full pods.\<br>\<br>Now it will soon be opened up! they said, and they waited for that.\<br>\<br>Now Id like to know which of us will get the farthest, said the smallest pea. Yes, now well soon find that out.\<br>\<br>Let happen what may! said the biggest.\<br>\<br>Crack! the pod burst open, and all five peas rolled out into the bright sunshine. They were lying in a childs hand; a little boy held them, and said that they were suitable peas for his peashooter, and immediately one was put in and shot out.\<br>\<br>Now Im flying out into the wide world! Catch me if you can! And then it was gone.\<br>\<br>Im going to fly right into the sun! said the second. Thats a perfect pod, and very well suited to me! Away it went.\<br>\<br>Well go to sleep wherever we come to, said two of the others, but well roll on, anyway. And they rolled about on the ground before being put into the shooter, but they went into it all the same.\<br>\<br>Well go the farthest!\<br>\<br>Let happen what may! said the last one as it was shot into the air. And it flew up against the old board under the garret window, right into a crack, where there was moss and soft soil; and the moss closed around the pea. There it lay hidden, but not forgotten by our Lord.\<br>\<br>Let happen what may! it said.\<br>\<br>Inside the little garret lived a poor woman who went out by the day to polish stoves; yes, even chop up wood and do other hard work, for she had strength and she was industrious; but still she remained poor. And at home in the little room lay her half-grown, only daughter, who was so very frail and thin. For a whole year the girl had been bed-ridden, and it seemed as if she could neither neither neither neither neither neither neither live nor die.\<br>\<br>She will go to her little sister, the woman said. I had the two children, and it was hard for me to care for both, but then our Lord divided with me and took the one home to Himself. I want to keep the one I have left, but probably He doesnt want them to be separated, and she will go up to her little sister.\<br>\<br>But the sick girl stayed; she lay patient and quiet the day long, while her mother went out to earn money.\<br>\<br>It was springtime, and early one morning, just as the mother was about to go to work; the sun shone beautifully through the little window, across the floor. The sick girl looked over at the lowest windowpane.\<br>\<br>What is that green thing thats peeping in the window? Its moving in the wind.\<br>\<br>And the mother went over to the window and opened it a little. Why, she said, it is a little pea that has sprouted out here with green leaves! How did it ever get here in the crack? You now have a little garden to look at!\<br>\<br>And the sick girls bed was moved closer to the window, where she could see the growing pea vine, and the mother went to her work.\<br>\<br>Mother, I think I am going to get well! said the little girl in the evening.\<br>\<br>The sun today shone so warmly in on me. The little pea is prospering so well, and I will also prosper and get up and out into the sunshine!\<br>\<br>Oh, I hope so! said the mother, but she didnt believe it would happen; yet she was careful to strengthen with a little stick the green plant that had given her daughter such happy thoughts about life, so that it wouldnt be broken by the wind. She tied a piece of string to the window sill and to the upper part of the frame, so that the vine could have something to wind around as it shot up. And this it did. You could see every day that it was growing.\<br>\<br>.\<br>\<br>
Five Peas - Bedtime Story (BedtimeStory.TV)
Download PDF/Read Online Book: ***Limited Winter Sale! Stock up on Two Hoots coloring books for that cozy day indoors! Usually $5.99.***48 unique coloring pages featuring mandalas, geometric shapes and other unique de ... <br><br>Download/Read online here: http://freepdf.club/book?id=0692591079&l=com&s1=0&s2=dm
Download PDF Adult Coloring Book: Designs FREE
Buy from Amazon.com : https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N4OEUAN?tag=thatcatblog-20 Sunburst Outdoor Living 18 x 18 No Piping LOTUS FLOWER Decorative Throw Pillow CushionProduct Description :AMAZINGLY SOFT Even with the protective coating the outdoor pillow covers still feel nice and soft to make for incredibly cozy lounging out on the patio or indoors BEAUTIFY ANY SPACE With over 100 decorative designs to choose from you can mix and match the accent pillow covers for gorgeous outdoor patio décor UV AND WATER RESISTANT Carefully treated for outdoor use these pillow covers will perform better than other fabrics outdoors but the treatment will break down over time if exposed to sun or rain MADE TO LAST Experience a premium 300gsm polyester fabric a sturdy zipper and painstaking stitching in every cover These are the best quality pillow covers you can find - guaranteed PREMIUM PEDIGREE With over 20000 satisfied customers and 99 5-star reviews these are hands down the best accent throw pillow covers in the market
Sunburst Outdoor Living 18 x 18 No Piping LOTUS FLOWER Decorative Throw Pillow Cushion
http://bestfishrestaurantmorrobay.com | Morro Bay Seafood Resaurants Reviews for GAFCOThis video is about Restaurant Reviews for Great Amercian Fish Company the Kahuna of Morro Bay Seafood Restaurant. What makes the best fish restaurant in morro bay?, starting Could 1st is the start of our local Salmon season. Come join us for the freshest local salmon doable offered by local Morro Bay fisherman. We've great relationships with the local fisherman that date back 4o years! So come on down and join us for the freshest salmon and seafood out there on the Central Coast. \
Morro Bay Seafood Resaurants Reviews for GAFCO 805-772-4407
Buy from Amazon.com : https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01881BRNG?tag=thatcatblog-20 Plaid Flannel Blanket with Fleece Backing60x 50BlackwatchNavyProduct Description :PREMIUM QUALITY  Made from a 45 ounce 100 double brushed cotton flannel with 6040 cottonpoly 7 oz fleece backing and bound with finished edges  It is a tightly woven flannel with minimal shrinkage when washed  It will not fray over time and can last for generations SOFTCOMFY  Snuggle up and relax under the warmth and comfort of the Cozy Bear flannel stadium blanket  The 60x 50 size is big enough to keep two people warm at outdoor events or indoors on the couch VERY VERSITLE  This cozy blanket is great for picnics sporting events riding in the car or just cuddling on the couch  Also makes for a great accent throw   These blankets are made for year round use and are not too thick  It is something every family should have HANDLE WITH CARE - Wash using cold water using a gentle wash cycle
Plaid Flannel Blanket with Fleece Backing60x 50BlackwatchNavy
Download PDF/Read Online Book: ***Limited Winter Sale! Stock up on Two Hoots coloring books for that cozy day indoors! Usually $5.99.***48 unique coloring pages featuring mandalas, geometric shapes and other unique de ... <br><br>Download/Read online here: http://freepdf.club/book?id=0692591079&l=com&s1=0&s2=dm-angga
Download PDF Adult Coloring Book: Designs FREE
Pascal and Catherine built their first tiny house in just 40 days and are currently living in it as their second home. Theyre a couple from Kamouraska, Canada, that started a tiny house building company called Ma Maison Logique, which in English means my logical house. Pascal designed the tiny house to withstand extreme Canadian winters by using triple pane windows and installing a tiny wood stove. They installed an air exchange vent in the bathroom to keep fresh air flowing in and used natural, non-toxic paint and oil finishes to ensure good air quality indoors.\<br>\<br>Catherine is an interior designer, and youll see that she added simple touches throughout the tiny house to make it seem more spacious, while at the same time keeping it cozy and comfortable. This is the prettiest tiny house weve visited so far, and even though its a standard tiny house size, it feels a lot bigger and seems like it would be a great design for a long-term housing situation.\<br>\<br>Learn more about their tiny houses and follow them on Instagram: \<br>\<br>@mamaisonlogique\<br>\<br>Thanks for watching!\<br>\<br>Mat & Danielle \<br>\<br>-------------------------------------------------------------\<br>STAY IN TOUCH!\<br>------------------------------------------------------------\<br>\<br>Blog: \<br>Facebook: /exploringalternativesblog\<br>Instagram: @exploringalternatives\<br>\<br>Music & Song Credits: \<br>All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat Dubé of Exploring Alternatives.
Tiny House with Incredible Interior Design Built in 40 Days!
Buy from Amazon.com : https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MYRZI5P?tag=thehomespunch-20 Wool Blanket Heavy Black Watch Plaid 54 x 71 Irish Made John HanlyProduct Description :A super soft heavy wool blanket with a black watch design for a cozy evening in Measures approximately 54 by 71 the perfect sized blanket Crafted from 100 lambswool making a supersoft and warm blanket Made by John HanlyCo located in Co Tipperary Ireland
Wool Blanket Heavy Black Watch Plaid 54 x 71 Irish Made John Hanly
From Rifugio Torre di Pisa to Yuping Mountain Hideaway here are 17 INSANELY Secluded Hotels. Would you try to visit these places?\<br>\<br>Subscribe to Talltanic \<br>\<br>6.Stay in the Sea\<br>\<br>The Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida has hotel rooms that are -literally- underneath the sea. This adds a whole new meaning to the old mafia phraseology “sleeping with the fishes”. While with other isolated hotels youll have to take a car, plane, or train, you have to scuba dive 21 feet just to get to your room. Talk about isolation! The only way people could possibly get to you is if they happened to have some diving gear ready. The rooms are DEFINITELY not luxurious like the others on the list, but they are isolated nonetheless. And dont look to get a better deal at another place- apparently this is the ONLY underwater hotel in the world. Rooms like these underwater barracks have a bedroom, bathroom, and a kitchen- so that you can make yourself a snack when you start feeling claustrophobic. \<br>\<br>5.Rifugio Torre di Pisa\<br>\<br>Ciao! Is what youll be saying to the rest of the world when you find yourself on top of this rocky resort. You have to hike for two hours just to get here, even though some cable cars and involved. Wheres the valet for this one? The Rifugio Torre di Pisa sits so high up at an astonishing eight thousand seven hundred sixty four feet that in the winter time , guests can only get to it by using skis. Its even encouraged that you have some time of physical endurance and training before your stay here. Wait a minute, this doesnt sound like a peaceful vacation at all.\<br>\<br>4.A Reclusive Cottage\<br>\<br>\<br>The Andes Mountains are perhaps the most mystical in the world, traveling through Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile. In the tiny town of Isla Suasi, Peru, you can find The Andean Cottage, a secluded delight of a place that is tucked away near the famous mountain range. It takes a four and half hour private boat ride to get here from the closest town of Puno. Or, you can take a car, but youll still have to board a boat thats a three hour drive away. This is the ultimate way to get away from the pressures of modern day society because there is no electricity, cars, or residents- its an eco powered lodge. Rooms like these offer two beds, so bring a friend or a family member, because this view cannot and should not be enjoyed on your own. \<br>\<br>3.Yuping Mountain Hideaway \<br>\<br>The Jade Screen Tower Hotel in Yuping Mountain, China might just take the cake on most insane secluded hotels. This hotel is on the tip top peak of CHinas Huangshan Mountain Range, most specifically on Yuping Mountain. Its guests can take a cable car to the top or chose to endure a flight of 60,000 stairs- you know, just a tiny little workout. This snug little mountain topping cabin is the perfect place to watch the sun rise and set, surrounded by some pine trees that are apparently 1500 years old. \<br>\<br>2.No Mans Fort\<br>\<br>No Mans Fort seems like its in the middle of No Mans Land! The fort, originally built as a British Naval Base, was meant to keep the French from intruding on British waters. This refurbished fort that sits in the waters near Hampshire, England boasts 22 luxury rooms and four different types of room to chose from . With many luxury ivities offered aboard the fort, theres hardly any time to think about the massive of water that surrounds you. For an even more exciting stay, its also available for rental for parties, where guests have a choice to leave at midnight or pay a little extra to stay the evening. Now that sounds fort-tastic!\<br>\<br>We know youre busy financially planning a way to get to one of these secluded dream vacation spots right now, but before we get to number one, we want to say thank you to all of todays commenters! Keep it up!\<br>\<br>1.A Tuscan Escape\<br>\<br>The La Bandita countryside inn offers views way different than those of mountains, deserts, or oceans. Instead, it looks out over the vast famous Tuscan landscape. The small bed and breakfast inn offers eight rooms and it located right in the heart of Pienza,Italy, although it takes a twenty minute car ride to get there. This makes for a pretty easy drive to neighboring local restaurants and vineyards. This photo, taken from VenueReport.com, gives a great view of the front of of the cozy country Italian cottage. Just look at the charming light brown brick against the blue sky. It seems to be incredibly romantic, because, after all, some people say that Italy is the most romantic place on Earth. The La Bandita is a perfect location for your dream wedding. Mama Mia.
17 INSANELY Secluded Hotels
Download PDF/Read Online Book: ***Limited Winter Sale! Stock up on Two Hoots coloring books for that cozy day indoors! Usually $5.99.***50 unique animal coloring pagesOne-sided pages; only one picture printed ... <br><br>Download/Read online here: http://freepdf.club/book?s1=hsn&s2=pdf-adiq
Download PDF Adult Coloring Book: Animal Kingdom: Animals Out The Wazoo FREE
Torremar Natura is a naturist urbanization at the edge of the naturist zone in Vera Playa. It features two storey apartments, cozy but generally small. First floors have a terrace, ground floors have gardens delimited by shrubs and a small paved area. Not the largest of the outdoor swimming pools, Torremar has a very good heated indoors pool that makes it usable all year round. The water is often hotter than the air outside of it. At times, it can be a little too hot. This is an urbanization which we prefer when visiting Vera Playa not during the summer, due to the heated pool, proximity to the Nostrum supermarket and edgy location enabling more invigorating walks to and off the beach. it is still within the naturist zone so, nude walking to the beach is possible year round.
Torremar Natura in Vera Playa
Lego Friends 41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel\<br>1552 pcs\<br>£99.99 / $129.99 / 129.99€\<br>Year new\<br>Lego 41101 Review\<br>\<br>Have the vacation of a lifetime at the Grand Hotel in Heartlake City! As the cab pulls up in front of the hotel, help Andrea, Stephanie and Olivia hand their luggage to Nate the bellboy who is waiting for them with a trolley. Head through the revolving door and enter the glamorous hotel lobby under the amazing chandelier to start exploring. Collect the keys from Andreas aunt, Susan, at the check-in counter and pet the hotel cat. Take the elevator up to the second floor to find the rooms. which will you choose, the double or the single? Check out the view from the balcony and freshen up in the shower before heading to the rooftop pool. Take a dip or relax in the sun lounger with a freshly made drink from the smoothie bar. Later on enjoy cake and coffee at the hotel café or get an ice cream served on the terrace by the fountain outside. In the evening give Andrea the chance to shine as she sings on the stage of the cozy hotel bar accompanied by her friends on the jazz piano and saxophone. Take the lift to the top floor where Nate is spinning some tunes from the DJ booth, accompanied by his friendly dog. What will tomorrow hold? At this incredible hotel theres enough to keep them busy for the whole vacation! Includes 5 mini-doll figures: Andrea, Olivia, Stephanie, Susan and Nate, plus a dog and a cat. Includes 5 mini-doll figures: Andrea, Olivia, Stephanie, Susan and Nate, plus a dog and a cat Three-story Hotel features a lobby, reception area, café, jazz bar, master bedroom, single bedroom, rooftop pool area, functioning elevator, outside dining area, fountain and a black cab Hotel lobby features a revolving door, chandelier, reception desk with computer element, café and a jazz lounge with stage, grand piano, saxophone and microphone elements Master bedroom features a double bed, vanity desk and a sliding door to the balcony Single bedroom features a single bed, en-suite shower room, flat screen TV element and a sliding door to the balcony Rooftop pool area features a swimming pool, juice bar, sun lounger, umbrella and a DJ booth Black cab features turning wheels and an opening trunk Outside dining area features a table, chairs and a food trolley Accessory elements include a bellboy trolley, suitcases, drinks, glasses, bottles, cakes, ice cream, hairbrush, lipstick, perfume bottles, tables, chairs, flowers, room keys, speakers, 2 fences and a flag Modular structure means you can rearrange the hotel however you wish Build this gigantic hotel with all its amazing features and accessories to create your own vacation stories Put your luggage in the trolley and check in at reception to get your room key Push the lever to take the elevator up to the second and third floor Grab a refreshing juice by the rooftop pool Enjoy a cake from the hotel café outside by the fountain Help Andrea put on an amazing jazz concert in the lobby Hotel measures over 11” (30cm) high, 12” (32cm) wide and 6” (17cm) deep Black cab measures over 2” (7cm) high, 4” (11cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide\<br>\<br>Lego new Lego Sets new LEgo friends new speed building fast build quick build timelapse speed build review\<br>fun toys surprise child children funny cool kids builder\<br>lego fun unboxing
Lego Friends 41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel - Lego Speed Build Review
Ahh… breathe in the smell of Fall. It’s October and it's time to trade in sandals for boots, swap beach bonfires for cozy nights indoors and start sipping your favorite seasonal beverage. But October also marks the tenth annual Fair Trade Month! This is the perfect time to Be Fair and celebrate the global impact of Fair Trade. Throughout the month, check out BeFair.org to learn about educational events, giveaways and to raise awareness, promote Fair Trade and make your community the fairest of them all!
It's Fairly Simple: Buy Fair. Be Fair!
<p>A Broome photographer captured a timelapse of a lightning storm brewing ahead of Tropical Cyclone Joyce on January 9, which was due to lash Western Australia.</p><p>Several cyclone alerts were issued on Monday after damaging thunderstorms swept through northwestern Australia, with hundreds of oil and gas workers being evacuated from offshore rigs, ABC reported</a>.</p><p>Over the following days, towns and cities along the Kimberley coast has braced itself</a> for a category three storm. Police advised residents in affected areas warnings for residents to not hold “cyclone parties” – were people drinking stockpiled alcohol while barricaded indoors.</p><p>This video shows a lightning storm off the coast of Broome, on Tuesday evening. Credit: Facebook/Broome Adventures via Storyful</p>
Lightning Storm Brews Off Coast of Broome Ahead of Cyclone Joyce
In this video i will tell about how to take care of \<br>hibiscus plant,which type of fertilizer hibiscus needs,its \<br>water requirement,soil type,pruning and how to get \<br>maximum bloom etc.\<br>\<br>Daizzs tips:-\<br>Growing hibiscus is an easy way to add a tropical flair to your garden. When you know how to care for hibiscus plants, you will be rewarded with many years of lovely flowers. Lets look at some tips on how to care for hibiscus. Growing Hibiscus in Containers Many people who are growing a hibiscus plant choose to do so in a container. This allows them to move the hibiscus plant to ideal locations, depending on the time of year. Provide the plants with at least six hours of sunlight, especially if you want to see those lovely blooms. Although warm, humid conditions are ideal for tropical hibiscus, you may want to provide a little afternoon shade when its overly hot. Again, containers make this easy to do. Hibiscus plants prefer a cozy fit when growing in a container. This means that they should be slightly root bound in the pot and when you do decide to re pot, give the hibiscus only a little bit more room. Always make sure that your growing hibiscus plant has excellent drainage.\<br> Temperatures for Growing Hibiscus:\<br> When you care for a hibiscus, you should remember that hibiscus flower best in temperatures between 20-35 C.and cannot tolerate temps below 32 F. (0 C.). In the summer, your hibiscus plant can go outside, but once the weather starts to get near freezing, its time for you to bring your hibiscus indoors.\<br> Watering Hibiscus:\<br> When hibiscus are in their blooming stage, they require large amounts of water. Your hibiscus will need daily watering in warm weather. But once the weather cools, your hibiscus needs far less water, and too much water can kill it. In the winter, water your hibiscus only when the soil is dry to the touch.\<br> Fertilizing Hibiscus :\<br>A growing hibiscus plant needs lots of nutrients in order to bloom well. In the summer, use a high potassium fertilizer. You can either use a diluted liquid fertilizer one a week, a slow release fertilizer once a month or you can add a high potassium compost to the soil. In the winter, you dont need to fertilize at all.\<br>\<br>MUSIC:-\<br>A WAY FOR ME by Nicolai Heidlas Music \<br>Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 \<br>\<br>Music provided by Audio Library \<br>\<br>SOLO ACOUSTIC GUITAR by Jason Shaw \<br>Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 United States— CC BY 3.0 US\<br>\<br>Music provided by Audio Library \<br>\<br>Rous - Skylight (Feat. Notelle) by RousOfficial \<br>Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 \<br>
How to Grow Hibiscus Plant(Full Information with Tips)
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